2015 Challenger and 2016 SRT Barracuda


Lets first start with the Challenger, for the 2015 model year the Challenger will get a “refresh”. This new Challenger will be built on the new rumored “LA” platform. The SRT version will be powered by a all new 6.2 Super Charged Hemi and will be debuted at next year’s Springfest and the media will be able to see it at next years New York International Auto Show. 

Now the Barracuda, believed to be a SRT only vehicle up until recently. The word is that the Barracuda or Cuda will also be available as a Dodge. Ralph Gilles has recently said that the Barracuda would appear in 2 years, this fits SRT’s 5 year plan so this very well could make it to showroom floors by 2016. 


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  1. gay gay gay looks nothing like a american car whats going on guys

  2. Had the Front Right on Current Challenger. Don’t mess it up. That picture above is UGLY.

  3. decrease the overall height of it, especially the on sides. Make it look sleek and low like the old cuda’s and challengers rather than the tall and bulky like the new challenger. Also, nicer rims would be nice, those look like the rims on my dakota only on a diet…

  4. Just to let you know the image above is a artists rendering, the real car could look nothing like this.

  5. no just no that front end looks ugly on the dart it should never be used ever again

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